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so....i'm a shitty lj friend

alright bitches....since i don't post on lj enough, let's make this count.

1. i have a tendency to imagine really random customers at work having sex with each other. it grosses me out but keeps me entertained while i'm slingin' coffee
2. i enjoy using the bathroom with the door open. even #2. it might be the exhibitionist in me.
3. i was 14 before i stopped sleeping in my parent's bed on a near daily basis. i was deathly afraid of thunderstorms. they had to convince me that i was no longer child size and that their bed was too small for 3 adults.
4. when i was into the punk rock phase i would secretly listen to my grateful dead cd's but completely trash them in conversation with fellow punk rockers
5. i'm almost sad that living in eugene means i'm no longer the weirdest person in town. i can have dreads, roll my cigarettes, and have leg/armpit hair and basically go about my business unaccosted. sometimes i wish i could make up funny lies and scare people. good thing i'll be back at x-mas to scare people again!

so. on that note. i love love love eugene. i just got home from doing karaoke with my co-workers. my manager and i did "nothing compares 2 U". it was beautiful. some middle-aged scary chester the child molester guy did an awesome "oops! i did it again". i've never cried and laughed so hard at the same time.

i heart all of you. namaste.
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Hey, I slept in my parents' bed for almost that long too. It was around sixth grade that they put their foot down. I'm amazed that they managed to concieve my brother, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the reason why they didn't have more.

When I'm at work, I often imagine me kissing random people. It can be scary, but it's habit forming.
I used to imagine really random people at Expo doing it. That's the only thing that kept me from not falling asleep from boredom. I only work with like 5 people in Jersey though and 2 of them are already married, so i don't let myself imagine anyone there...