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i wanna dance with somebody who loves me

i love my off days. we partied last night to celebrate jason getting an extension on his internship for the coming school year. he's putting his two weeks in at the lucky noodle today. weee!! now i get to see my FLP more and he doesn't have to work 38 hours in 48 hours once a week. money will definately be tight this school year but it's totally worth it since jason can spend more time on school and his internship. i've been alternatively hating and loving my job depending on the day. i wish i could just quit and go work at the natural foods store next door but i would lose my full-time status and health insurance. sometimes it really sucks being a grown-up but the pros definately outweigh the cons.

t-$ and i just worked in the garden all afternoon. jason, t-$, aja, and i woke up late and went to sweetlife to have coffee and then to the piercing place to get my ears stretched. i'm now at a 2 gauge with green glass flesh tunnels. we're going to see midnite play tonight!! i can't wait to see some good ass reggae. should be a good time indeed.

uhh...other than all that, there's not much else to post about. summer is rapidly fading and it's supposed to be cold as hell here in about a month and then start raining shortly thereafter. it's going to be hella fun to ride my bike 2 miles in the cold drizzle to work every day.

so- i love you all. i hope everyone is doing well and lovin' life. namaste.
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it's cooling off here too. I can actually run around without sweating in the mornings and evenings.