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new pictures for ya

i just uploaded some new pictures. hope you enjoy! is good in eugene. tiffany's bus is temporarily out of service until it gets a rebuilt engine so she's postponing school for another semester and staying in town for 6 months!! weee!!!

it's already fall here. 70's during the day and fucking cold at night. the summer was so beautiful but it went by way too fast. everyone out here keeps telling me that this is supposed to be the worst winter since 1995. apparently, that year brought massive flooding and ice storms to the willamette valley. geez, i can't fucking wait! i'm about to teach my self how to crochet and do beadwork since it's looking like i'm going to be spending all winter inside.

i'm listening to my 90's frenzy mp3 mix right now. i forgot how much most 90's music sucks balls.

so. that's all i got for ya kids. i miss all of you terribly! jason and i are planning on leaving eugene christmas day or the day after and we'll be in Bama for a week. i can't wait to see everyone!

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