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the snot is flowing free like a mighty river

i am sick. so is jason. it's pretty started as head congestion and a runny nose and now has moved also into my chest. jason is at the head congestion stage right now so he should be joining me in full-on sinus infection hell tomorrow. i went to the health food store next to my work tonight and got some herbs and what-not to make teas that will hopefully heal us. jason made dinner tonight- red curry coconut veggies with jasmine rice. sounds good, right? well, both of us thought that we should make it super spicy to help out our congestion. apparently, 3 habanero peppers and red curry paste together is a little overboard. i ate about 3 bites and had to stop because my tonsils were burning and i felt like i was going to throw up. yummy. jason made it about as far into his bowl and we decided that it was not worth the agony.

things are good otherwise in eugene. it's getting colder and it's been raining more often. my fall crops are growing nicely. so- that's about it. sorry for not having anything more interesting to write about. i miss ya'll somethin' fierce. namaste.
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