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i am at the mercy of public transportation

it's cold here. fucking cold. 50 during the day and 32 at night. what?!?! i've have always thought of myself as pretty resilient to cold weather but i've become the world's biggest baby. i've stopped riding my bike and started riding the bus to work everyday. i really like mass transit and i get to overhear really amusing/disturbing conversations from fellow riders.

i'll be back in the 'Ham in a little over a month. i'm simutaneously excited and nervous. excited to see all you beautiful people and nervous about family drama. jason wants us to get our families together for dinner one night. yikes! i told him he will have to procure a decent amount of Valium and feed it to me all night.

soooo....otherwise, life is good. work is work. one of the baristas and i have started doing van halen "jump" kicks during our shifts and rocking out to journey at closing. i do karoake most sunday nights with my manager and a few co-workers. i have to say that this is the only job i've ever had where i genuinely like everyone i work with and want to spend my free time with them. it makes it easier to deal with the fact we're working for corporate-wannabe schmucks. but that's a whole 'nother story, yo.

i hope you are all well. i'm so ready to see ya'll and give you some west coast hippie lovin'!
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hey lady!

i found out from a cowerker that i can't do my documentary on karaoke like i want to b/c you have to buy the rights to all of the songs and i can't afford that. dammit.... i think i will just make a "home movie" about karaoke. then it's "legal."

i miss you!!!!!!!!

go ahead and JUMP!!!

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it's cold here too. i lurve it! i'm the Ice Queen though.
woo hoo for journey. my new ringtone is "Any Way You Want It". kev hates it which makes it so worth it.
It's finally gotten cold here too. I woke up this morning shivering and thinking that I had a fever before I realized that it was 50 degrees in my house.