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they say love is like a river

will someone please tell me what i should do with my life? why has god cursed me to be the most indecisive person alive?!?! okay. sorry for the freak out.

something must be wrong with me because i'm genuinely excited to go home and spend 10 days sitting on my parent's couch watching lifetime movies in my pj's. also, i hope to be partying with you lovely folks. weeeee!!!!

things are better. i'm still staying with tiffany while i sort some shit out in my head. i love jason so much that it's hard to even think about him not being in my life. thanks to all who extended positive thoughts and housing accomodations (too bad i can't couch surf from 3,000 miles away). now begins the time of introspection and reflection through which i will receive a divine message that will direct my life accordingly. or i'll just stop being afraid of making the wrong decision and do something worthwhile with my life. fuck fuck fuck. i understand now why people keep going back to school. if i didn't hate school so much i would love to be sheltered by the world of higher ed right now.

so. yeah. i'm in the public library so i have to make this short. much love.
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I'm pretty determined to stay in school for as long as I can. I love my higher ed shelter.

I admire you for doing what you've done. It was a big risk and took a lot of faith (in yourself, in God, in Jason, etc), and I'm sure that, at the end of this temporary crisis, you'll know how things worked out the way they should have. I'll be thinking about you...
thank you! i totally agree- everything happens for a reason.
i MISSSS you...

and i miss the 'ham. i CAN'T WAIT to couch it with you over chrima!!!


December 4 2005, 19:20:07 UTC 12 years ago

To me, the world is a funny place. I am now laughing.