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why do i have britney spear's songs stuck in my head?

i saw the abyssynians(uhhh..sp?) last night at the wow hall. they were fucking great especially considering they're all old enough to be my grandpa. i've seen so much good reggae since i moved here. one more reason eugene is the best! in six months i've seen 4 legendary old school roots reggae bands and the whole time i lived in 'bama i saw the wailers play ONCE 4 years ago.

i can't wait to come home. 19 days and counting!!! i need a mini-vacation where i have absolutely no responsibilites other than to relax and party. we just hired two new girls at work which means i have to be "Shift Leader Melissa" for the next two weeks while i train them. no offense to them, but that sucks cause i'm friends with almost everyone i work with. it's nice to be able to listen to journey and do david lee roth kicks with all the baristas. hopefully they won't think i'm too crazy or they'll be crazy and then we can all be one big happy family. :)

i applied for a permaculture internship in portland. i should hear back from them in a week. cross yer fingers cause i really want to do this.

oh. on a random note. katie- i thought of you last night. after the show, t-$, mark and i got back to the apt. about 2 am and realized the door was locked with the keys inside so i had to scale the building and pull myself through the bathroom window. it made me think of the time we locked ourselves out of your ghetto apt. in t-town and your neighbors thought we were crazy.

uhhh...yeah. everyone should call me cause i want to talk to all of you. peace.
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