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i think i have reinvented the hangover. or at least it feels that way right now. sts9 played in eugene last night so i raged until sometime this morning. i woke up not really sure how i got to my bed and actually went to sleep. i'm going to ride up to portland in an hour or so to see sts9 play there. weeeeeeeeee! it kinda sucks, though, since the girl i'm riding with i don't know that well and i don't think i can form semi-intelligent sentences right now.

i've been considering moving to portland next year. i really *heart* that city and i haven't even spent that much time there. eugene is great but it's so small and moves at such a slow pace (much like alabama). i feel like i need some more energy and diversity. people in eugene like to promote "diversity" but actually this town is just full of educated, liberal, progressive white people. which isn't necessarily a bad thing.....

okay. back to my hangover.
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